• Welcome to #WeAreBetterTogether Map!

    October 18, 2020

    Hi everyone. 🙂

    This is Jaimie from World Culture Open.
    It has been a while since we last connected. Like with many others, the global pandemic became a challenge to the Better Together initiative. So we have decided to take some time and went on deep contemplation to give thoughts on our future direction. 

    And after much consideration, we are happy to announce that we are beginning(‘resuming’ might be a better word) this endeavor of “connecting the dots of hopes” by “mapping social innovators around the world.”

    We call for social innovators, social entrepreneurs, impact creators, changemakers, cultural innovators and culture designers, greater good practitioners, and creative minds… Yes, basically every idealist in action!



    We all dream of a better world.

    A world where we can survive and thrive together from the climate crisis, and live sustainably in balance with our mother nature.
    A world where we do not have to fight for justice, fear for wars, and yearn for lost homes anymore.
    A world full of diversity and choices.
    A world that is inclusive and compassionate.
    A world where we can truly be ourselves and shine.

    We are fortunate to live in a time when an ever-growing community of social innovators is tirelessly working on greater-good projects amidst difficulties to make this better world a reality.
    Big or small, these efforts are making a real difference, the sustainable and positive impacts in our community, society, and the planet that we share.

    From this map, you can find out who is out there at each corner of this globe that is making our world better, safer, healthier, happier, and more sustainable. Big or small, every action counts.



    You might think, so why do we need this map when there are numerous social media platforms where you can conveniently introduce yourself, get connected with people, and message each other? 

    Well, this is more like an art project of the Better Together initiative where we literally want to ‘visualize and connect the dots of hope of this world.’

    And our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable ecosystem where we all can sustain our social good missions by connect & collaborate. Maybe by integrating blockchain technology into our community platform? We are excitedly exploring this possibility as well. (See our recent Better Together Talk: Money for Social Good & the Blockchain).

    And this map is a footstone towards the vision.



    As John Lennon famously said,

    “A dream you dream alone is just a dream.
    A dream you dream together is reality.”



    Let’s visualize this reality together. We know very well that a better future is in our hands.
    Pin yourself on the map today and introduce your social good mission to the peers of the #WeAreBetterTogether global community. We look forward to the moment where this world map is filled with shiny dots of beautiful minds.

    Best wishes to everyone,

    World Culture Open