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    Ashongman-Abokobi Rd, Ghana
  • Miss Taxi Ghana

    Date Created : December 11, 2020

    Scope of work :
    Increasing The Percentage Of Women’s Participation In The Road Transport Sector In Ghana🇬🇭

    Founder and Head of Miss Taxi Ghana

    Esenam Nyador started off as one of a handful of female taxi drivers in an industry that’s almost entirely dominated by men in 2013, when she finished her first degree at the University of Ghana. Her entrepreneurial streak paired with a bold personality helped her start her own business in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Esenam chose taxi driving amidst the hostility served her by the taxi unions because, it is a very non-traditional thing to do for a woman in Ghana and considers her choice of livelihood as a gender statement. Armed with a graduate degree research into Occupational Gender Segregation, Esenam succeeded in generating conversations in the industry, which has led to the training of women for participation in the transport industry. Currently, with the support of partners such as the Germany Development Cooperation(GIZ Ghana), Scania West Africa and the Open Society Foundations, Miss Taxi Ghana has rolled out ‘She Drives The City Project’ to empower many more women with skills training, to enable them contribute to the development of the transport sector in Ghana.

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