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  • Jun Heo

    Date Created : December 3, 2020

    Being the voice for the voiceless!

    Humans of North Korea share stories of ordinary people from North Korea and South Korea. Through this series, we hope to broaden the world’s understanding of the two countries and tear down invisible barriers.

    I was born and raised in North Korea for seventeen years. After escaping North Korea, I came to South Korea and have been living here for eight years. Through giving lectures on topics related to North Korea and interacting with foreigners, I realized that people lack an understanding of North Korea and South Korea. When it comes down to North Korea, foreigners have a significant amount of knowledge about political issues but have a limited understanding of the people. Based on this problem, we started producing content that help people to understand beyond distorted images and limited perspectives of the two countries.

    The YouTube channel, Humans of North Korea has attracted 230,000 subscribers globally and helped 17million viewers understand North Korea and South Korea within a year. The reason why my team is planning the new series, Humans of Korea, is because we believe not only our stories but the stories of ordinary people matter as well. Based on our team’s main value, “Being the voice for the voiceless”, we hope to pass our mic to those who haven’t had the opportunity to speak and share their stories with the world. We believe that we can strengthen our shared value by sharing more experiences of people, not limited to one person’s story. The Humans of Korea aims to capture and share the stories of “people” in all content through videos and blogs, regardless of the values of politics, religion, and ideology.


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