Welcome to #WeAreBetterTogether Map!

This website is a map and a collaborative network where passionate idealists in action who are working on creating sustainable and positive impacts in our lives- can find each other, get connected, and start collaborating.

Do you dream of a society that is more open, fair, peaceful, diverse, harmonious, and more sustainable?

Are you taking any action, big or small, to bring about a change around you and in your community? If so, you are one of the crew!

Map yourself today and join the community.


Why are we doing this?

A dream you dream alone is just a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.

– John Lennon

Today’s world is more connected and technologically advanced than ever before in human history.

But at the same time we are under dire threats– from those of pandemic; climate crisis; disparity and extreme polarization; civil wars and nuclear threat; enmity and discrimination towards different races, religions, genders, and generations; and many other social problems that imperil the lives of people and the earth.

But there is hope. Because there is a myriad of people out there and among us who are ceaselessly working to find creative solutions to these challenges and are taking real action to make real changes.

We call them social innovators, changemakers, peacemakers, greater-good practitioners, global shapers, cultural innovators or culture designers, everyday heroes, and by many other names. Anyone who is harnessing their own talent to make our world safer, healthier, happier, and sustainable counts. 

We believe that if we get to connect, meet and engage with each other so that we can learn from each other’s experiences and wisdom, bring our creative minds together, we can create a bigger impact and the collective and compound effect.

Greater-good is our goal.
Sustainability is our way.
And, Together is our spirit.

This map is to visualize together the moments our dreams become reality.

We believe a better world is possible and worth creating together.
Welcome to the #WeAreBetterTogether global community!



How to use this map

1. Pin yourself on the map

Present yourself on the World Map of Social Innovators. And introduce your greater-good project to peers via your profile page. Let’s go and Map yourself!

2. Search

Look up like-minded practitioners near you or around the world and leave comments on their profile pages to say hello!

3. Connect & Collaborate

Meet other members in real life or start collaborating locally. Under the menu “Connect & Collaborate” you can create a post for a project, event, or meet up to invite, find partners, and collaborators.

4. Excavate and invite other practitioners

Invite other social innovators to the map. The members will have the opportunity to meet with each other in person during the annual Better Together Festival where we can all engage, enjoy, embrace, and be enriched together through self-hosting workshops, talks, performances, and exhibitions as well as various collaborative projects. Festival site:

5. Share a Social Good story

Send a short article of any interesting greater-good project you know, either of yours or somebody else’s to our editing team, we will share the story on the ‘Stories’ page and also through our monthly newsletter.  I would like to share a story!